The countdown is on for Dorsey’s heartworm treatment!

We’re counting down the 30 days of Dorsey’s battle against parasitic heartworms. Treatment began on April 23, so we’re 7 days into treatment with 23 to go. The most critical/dangerous times are ahead–days 10 to 18. He’s at highest risk during that period for the dying worms to break off in clumps and travel through his bloodstream to create a dangerous clot in his lungs.

To ensure this does not happen, Dorsey is presently confined to his crate for ‘bed rest’ with several outings on leash only each day for fresh air and potty breaks. He’s eating very well and showing no restlessness at his confinement. Dorsey is very well mannered and easygoing for a terrier. This makes enduring his ‘confinement’ a lot easier for him and his foster mom. Of course, the new routine of a tiny piece of turkey hot dog as reward for going into his kennel might be one motivation!

For those who don’t know, heartworms are 100% preventable with monthly heartworm preventive (prescribed by your vet). The disease is transmitted ONLY by the bite of a mosquito–which can be considered the STATE bird in all Southern states. Many dogs are surrendered each year to shelters because their owners neglect to give them their monthly pills, causing the parasites to develop INSIDE the heart. Untreated, heartworms are 100% fatal and it is a painful disease/death for the animal. Treatment is very expensive and is akin to a chemotherapy session that humans endure. Good Dog Rescue treats all heartworm positive dogs it rescues and does not pass the expense along to the new adopters. Donations may be made to Good Dog Rescue to sponsor the heartworm treatment of a rescue. These are tax deductible to the donor.


Free ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, and Great Dogs … who could lose?

Ben & Jerry\'s East Memphis locationAnnually for the past 30 years Ben & Jerry’s has a free ice cream day. More than 1,000,000 cones are given away each year! Can you imagine that?

People tend not to believe Ben & Jerry’s would give away that fabulous ice cream for free, so there are websites devoted to letting people know this is not a fraud! Check out those sites at Urban Legends and Snopes. Even Wikipedia has a section on the free ice cream day.

The East Memphis and Germantown locations of Ben & Jerry’s invited Good Dog Rescue to bring some of our adoptable dogs and puppies to this event. Our great animals received a lot of attention from parents and all the kids who were waiting their turn for ice cream.

Blue gives kissesBojangles loves Ben & Jerry\'s ice creamBlue, the too cute beagle mix, found plenty of new friends to spend time with and get love from. Mr. Bojangles, the shetland sheepdog sheltie mix, gives 4 paws up to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Among all the people wandering around the event, there were plenty of ice cream droppings to be had.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream day yesterday and who paused for a few moments to give these precious dogs and puppies some much-appreciated attention.

Hadley gives us his one week post-op report

Hi Friends,

It has been one week today since my surgery to restore my sight. What an exciting week it has been! Surgery day was nerve-wrecking, but the follow-up has been going pretty smooth. I still take drops (a total of 7 times per day), and I take an anti-inflammatory once per day. My eyes are clear.

I know this may sound a little crazy, but I think I am seeing things!! Not sure how to process all these images, but it is just too amazing.

When I go for my walks now, I see (not just smell) some of my favorite items, like the fire hydrant, mailbox poles, and my favorite…dad’s tire on his truck. I just loved to smell them, then mark them as “Hadley’s domain”; now, I see them, smell them, mark them!!

Oh, and Hank (the border collie that Leslee adopted)…Hank visited yesterday during “movie time”. I saw this furry intruder who was so playful. I did a “spider man” jump and landed right on his back. No doubt, I can see now!! Aren’t I the big boy?!!

Vacation with Mom is going great! Yesterday I got to watch a funny movie with Mom, Dad, Leslee, John, and Hank. I was just a tad bit jealous if Hank got within a foot of Mommy. Hey, some things you just can’t share, know what I mean? Daddy thought I was being really rude, but I was just practicing growling to maybe someday save someone’s life! I am really the sweetest boy on earth.

I am definitely used to family life, the “good” life. Whoever says a boy should be single has definitely not been in my paws. The food is delicious, the temperature inside is perfect, and oh! all the cozy places to sleep…I say, this is the life!

I would not be here without all of you. I stand amazed at the help I received from all of you. I was a scraggly, blind, homeless boy with nasty fleas. Yuch! Now I am beautiful, with sight, healthy and living the good life. Thank you to all of you who care to help a Homeless creature of God.

God and Angel say thank you too.

I love you all, Hadley

PS My follow up appointment with the surgeon is this Wednesday April 30. Wish me luck!!

Ben and Jerry’s Rocks!

Ben and Jerry\'s East Memphis

Today’s adoption event at Ben & Jerry’s East Memphis location was fun-filled from start to finish! Five of our fabulous furry friends were adopted today! We were so excited to see Trey, Nikki, Lucy Black, Charley, and Kate go to their new forever homes.

So many wonderful people … families … couples … singles … everyone coming out in the great weather to search for their new forever friends.

We are so grateful to Ben & Jerry’s for allowing us to set up shop at this fabulous location. What better combination … ice cream and dogs! Thanks for supporting the efforts of Good Dog Rescue’s volunteers!


Hey, I’m Trey….Finally, I get to go home with this great family! They accept me for who I am…even on three legs I can run and play with two cute fun kids…and best of all I can now be part of “my” real family. I”m such a good dog and have so much to give. Can’t wait to be home and see what it is like…I think I am in love already! Thanks to my foster dad and mom…and most of all Good Dog Rescue! Life is Good! See ya, Trey

Charlie goes home!

Adoption day at Ben & Jerry’s Saturday April 26…..Charlie gets to go home…he feels comfortable in the arms of his new mom…while her son fills out his application, “I think I will take a nap right here…till we go home. Wake me up so I can say goodbye to all my friends at Good Dog Rescue.”

Bye Izzy…I’m Home!


“Bye Izzy, I’m going home…my new home….I can’t wait to see my new family’s house and all my new toys. Hope you get adopted into your forever family soon! Wish you luck…let me know when you get to go home.” Little brown puppy Katie gives her smaller black puppy friend a kiss bye. “Your friend Katie…..”