The Pretzel has landed!

PretzelPretzel, the Fox Terrier mix that Lisa and I stumbled upon on 3/31 in the aftermath of my truck wreck when we just ‘dropped by’ MAS at closing time, not ONLY had his HW treatment this week but traveled thanks to Tammy Lamdin to his new home with Regina and Steve Carey in Brentwood, TN. Before you get riled up about sending a just treated dog to new owners, they are BOTH clinical respiratory therapists (know more about pulmonary embolii than all of put together) AND have prior experience treating a hw pos dog that they rescued (who lived to be 12–he was a LAB).

Pretzel joins Sprite, another of my fosters from MAS for another rescue, in this PLUS PERFECT home. Four levels, Brentwood, TN…DINKs….it doesn’t get better than that PLUS Regina and Steve want to start volunteering with a local rescue group. Guess what…I have already HOOKED THEM UP….



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