A Thank You note from Hadley

Hi to all from Hadley (my mom is typing for me),

My surgery was successful. Whew! What a day. First of all my new mommy & daddy took away my delicious food last night and my water!! No breakfast this morning either. Daddy took me outside this morning and I did my “business”. Then, mommy took me on a nice car ride. I met Lisa this morning and I sure was glad to see her.

The rest is kind of foggy. I’ll get the details from mom.

Hadley received his preliminary drops to dilate his eyes for better visualization. He flinched at the bright light, which was hopeful that he had a healthy retina.

A brief hello to the surgeon, and he was whisked off to the OR (Operating Room). More drops, a shot, then general anesthesia. While under anesthesia, an ultrasound demonstrated that Hadley owned 2 healthy eyes except for the cataracts. Surgery began, and it lasted a little more than an hour. His cataracts were removed successfully from both eyes. He sleepily woke up from his anesthesia and was ready to go home.

He still cannot see because it may take a few days to a few weeks for decrease of inflammation enough to allow eyesight. Further, it will take his brain a few days to a few weeks to process sight.

Hadley is receiving Antibiotic eye drops three times daily in both eyes. He is receiving a steroid suspension in both eyes four times daily (at a different time or shortly after his antibiotic drops). He is also receiving a pain reliever / anti-inflammatory medicine by mouth. Right now, Hadley is keeping his eyes squinted (which is normal) for this time. He is very sleepy.He has napped most of the afternoon. He has been to urinate twice. He is drinking water well and has eaten a few bites.

He will be going to work with Mommy for the next 3 days. Then Mommy is taking a very needed Sabbatical from work. We will read, listen to music, watch movies…and eat & sleep of course!

I have come a long way from wandering blindly in Tipton County with an empty stomach and broken heart.

Thanks to all of you, I have a comfortable home, lots of love, plenty of food, and now I can see!!! Thank you to all of you who so generously gave to me, a blind little shelter dog. I love you all. I pray God blesses you and He will. Thank you; I am so grateful. I will never forget your kind generosity.


Love, Hadley Hunter

PS – Angel in heaven says she thanks you too. She will see all of us at The Rainbow Bridge.


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