Lovey LOVES Pud and her new Mom, too.

Here’s the latest news from Lovey’s new mom:

Lovey is doing great!!…well she did just rip one of the screens on the back porch so I told her, “No!” ,but I don’t think she has made the connection yet. I really expected that would happen as Pud did the same thing when he was younger. I am soooooo excited to have a dog that likes to be inside to keep me company since my sons are grown and aren’t at home much. She’s been sleeping in my room every night.”

Here’s their picture as they romp about the back yard. I stopped by after the event to do the site visit and Carole, Pud, Lovey and BB, the cockatiel, greeted and welcomed me warmly. From the way Lovey was acting, it was as if she’d been living there all her life. And Pud, having grieved so long and hard for his lost doxie mix sister, had HAPPY FEET playing with Lovey.

Thanks again, Carole, for opening your heart and home to Lovey.


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