Hadley lets us know about his 3rd post-op day

Hello friends from Hadley,

This is going into my 3rd Post-Op day.
I am doing great. I hate my drops but tolerate them. The pain med is fine in my delicious food.
You ought to see my eyes!! They are clear, big, and dark brown. I am quite the handsome fella.
Mom says they look beautiful.

I’ve been going to work with Mom, so I can not get out of the drops. Try hiding from 3 nurses!!!
I am eating, drinking, and using the restroom well. I see things and wag my tail. I am still trying to figure out what are all these new things.

I have no infection, no complications.
I am happy and active.
Hard to even remember the surgery now.
I am doing great.

You all are my friends.
Love, Hadley


One Response

  1. We at Good Dog Rescue are so excited to hear Hadley’s great news. We look forward to seeing him at a future adoption event and getting some new photos to share with everyone. His earlier photos show those cataracts … and we now want to see those clear, big, dark brown eyes!

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