Hadley gives us his one week post-op report

Hi Friends,

It has been one week today since my surgery to restore my sight. What an exciting week it has been! Surgery day was nerve-wrecking, but the follow-up has been going pretty smooth. I still take drops (a total of 7 times per day), and I take an anti-inflammatory once per day. My eyes are clear.

I know this may sound a little crazy, but I think I am seeing things!! Not sure how to process all these images, but it is just too amazing.

When I go for my walks now, I see (not just smell) some of my favorite items, like the fire hydrant, mailbox poles, and my favorite…dad’s tire on his truck. I just loved to smell them, then mark them as “Hadley’s domain”; now, I see them, smell them, mark them!!

Oh, and Hank (the border collie that Leslee adopted)…Hank visited yesterday during “movie time”. I saw this furry intruder who was so playful. I did a “spider man” jump and landed right on his back. No doubt, I can see now!! Aren’t I the big boy?!!

Vacation with Mom is going great! Yesterday I got to watch a funny movie with Mom, Dad, Leslee, John, and Hank. I was just a tad bit jealous if Hank got within a foot of Mommy. Hey, some things you just can’t share, know what I mean? Daddy thought I was being really rude, but I was just practicing growling to maybe someday save someone’s life! I am really the sweetest boy on earth.

I am definitely used to family life, the “good” life. Whoever says a boy should be single has definitely not been in my paws. The food is delicious, the temperature inside is perfect, and oh! all the cozy places to sleep…I say, this is the life!

I would not be here without all of you. I stand amazed at the help I received from all of you. I was a scraggly, blind, homeless boy with nasty fleas. Yuch! Now I am beautiful, with sight, healthy and living the good life. Thank you to all of you who care to help a Homeless creature of God.

God and Angel say thank you too.

I love you all, Hadley

PS My follow up appointment with the surgeon is this Wednesday April 30. Wish me luck!!


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