Flying Elmo is set for a Derby Weekend Adventure!

Flying Elmo the king!Most of you have not yet met Flying Elmo in person…but you can catch his picture and bio on the website. Elmo came into GDR via Julie Clark, who ‘caught’ him when she met fellow AR rescuer Debbie Brattan ‘down by the riverside’ for the transport of a tiny Fox terrier to another rescue in Columbia, TN. Debbie said those daring words, “I’ve got someone you’ll want to meet.” Out of the crate bounded a bundle of 6 months old Maltepoo! Whiter than snow and sweeter than pie, Elmo quickly squirmed into Julie’s heart and Good Dog Rescue’s foster program. YES…Julie did ask Lisa for permission to take him. Usually Julie just goes for FORGIVENESS! LOL.

Originally named ELMER (because he’s white and stuck like glue to his original owner who surrendered him because he was TOO hyper–DUH, he’s 6 mos old), his ability to leap through the air gained him the name “Flying Elmo” – Canine Super Hero. Almost perfectly housetrained at 6 mos, Elmo loves all his numerous canine and feline foster siblings and sleeps every night in the big dog bed with Julie and the other ‘chosen ones.’

Flying Elmo relaxesVirginia and Tim Williams, who recently lost their teenaged also-rescued beloved dog, Teddy, saw Elmo’s picture on the Good Dog site and promptly put in their application. “I am going to keep his name because it’s so cute,” stated Virginia in the initial phone chat. Elmo goes to spend this Derby weekend with the Williams to see if he approves of the arrangement. I will keep you posted on the outcome of Flying Elmo’s Excellent Derby Weekend adventure.


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  1. Flying Elmo’s new mom has already emailed me that she could not sleep Thursday night because of the imminent arrival of the (her words) FLYING ELMO EXPRESS…

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