Stripe LOVES his new foster home

Stripe is a Golden Retriever/Boxer/Aussie mix who has been boarding at Magnolia Kennels due to lack ofStripe foster space. He attended the Ben & Jerry’s FREE SCOOP event thanks to volunteers Cindy and Tami, who picked him up and taxied him to the event. However, the kennel was closed by the time the event was over so WHAT TO DO WITH STRIPE? Lisa, Good Dog Founder and Director, found a willing volunteer to ‘overnight’ Stripe until she could take him back to the kennel on Wednesday morning.

Long story short, Stripe fit in so well at his new foster spot and was clearly having so much fun being a FREE DOG (well, within the 6 foot tall privacy fence that keeps them all safe from harm), that foster mom, Julie, called Lisa before bedtime to relay the news that Stripe really liked it with the Fur Angel Gang and did not want to back to Magnolia. Particularly a favorite with Stripe are the neat chew toys (bones and hooves) at his new digs. OH…and he LOVES the home cooking….LOL….aka broth over kibble for a taste treat.

Stripe LOVES to play with dogs of all sizes, but especially the little ones. He’s very sweet and gentle with them….and the little dogs just boss him around and play great doggie games with their fuzzy buddy, Stripe.

If you are looking for a sweet, gentle dog to bring fun, love and laughter to your home, come meet Stripe at our next adoption event! You will see why his foster mom and siblings couldn’t let him go back to the kennel. He is simply too much fun to miss!


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  1. I am so glad stripe is with you Julie. He’s such a sweet boy, and gives great kisses and hugs!!


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