Ollie Ollie Home Free! – see comment – Ollie’s back

Ollie and her new momOllie is a great gal who was an owner surrender to the Memphis Animal Shelter with her best doggie friend, Wags.

As luck would have it, Wags got adopted … but what of Ollie?

Well, Lisa, fearless leader of Good Dog Rescue, saw Ollie and sprung her from the shelter.

But how would she do at an adoption event?

Well, today was her first adoption event and look what happened! This great young lady from Arkansas came across the river, took one look at Ollie, and said “This is the dog for me!” Ollie stuck to her like glue and the process of making her one of the family was commenced.

Ollie still needs to check out the other dog in the family. Given that she is likely missing her furry friend, Wags, we’re betting she’ll do just fine! Bye Ollie!


2 Responses

  1. Well, some sad news … the established dog in the family that adopted Ollie was *not* impressed with Ollie and made its’ feelings known. So, Ollie returns to Good Dog Rescue for another adoption event! View Ollie’s bio here.

    This is one of our commitments to people who adopt our great dogs and puppies. If things don’t work out, especially with an existing pet, merely let us know and we can either work with you to help address the situation or we can take the puppy or dog back.

    In no instance do we ever want you to take one of our dogs to an animal shelter! We work very hard to make sure that our rescued dogs and puppies are placed in forever loving homes. If the first one doesn’t work out, we are committed to making sure that we find the right home.

  2. Ollie came home with me from GDR’s May 31st adoption, and she has made the transition without blinking an eye! She will spend time chasing squirrels, and then is ready to come back inside for a nap. We walk about a mile every day, and she has play dates with a neighbor’s dog, Diogi.
    Ollie loves to cuddle and soaks up the tummy & ear rubs like a sponge. She has been to meet her doctor, Robert Parker, and he said he understood clearly that the match was a good one. I wanted Ollie to meet Dr. Parker when there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. She also met Rady, and Ollie has already had one grooming appointment with her. Ollie has several friends now at Dr. P’s office.

    Thanks again, Lisa, for springing Ollie from MAS. I truly hope the lady from Arkansas has found or finds the right match for her family and their “established” dog.

    Ollie is a godsend to me.

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