Blue’s news….lovin’ life with Jinger & Justin

Saturday, May 3rd:
NOTE: Blue and foster mom/taxi, Julie, met Jinger at Lowe’s (who, by the way, allows dogs INSIDE the store!) on Friday after work….Saturday morning, Jinger writes to let us know how the transition was going.
Blue the beagle mixWell…. so far so good! She did really great on the car ride and walking on the leash when we first got here. Last night she ate quite a bit of dry food and had a couple of treats! I went to dinner about nine last night and left her alone. When I got back about an hour later she had been snoozing on the couch- she didn’t bother anything AND she wasn’t freaking out going “where have you been!!” She is soooo good. Right now she stretched out in the floor sleeping on her back- I think she’s pretty comfy. Of course she slept on my bed last night and got a good night’s sleep. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions later but like I said- so far so good!

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