Calipari DOMINATES his foster home

It is true that dynamite comes in small packages…because Calipari, the tiny toy rat terrier pup, weighs in at 9 lbs, but totally dominates his foster home! He’s got a personality that is like his namesake’s- Coach John Calipari–larger than life. Calipari is a BIG DOG in a tiny body, but is a total cuddle bug that is a kissing bandit who will steal your heart away. His favorite activity is sitting in his foster Mom’s lap. PLUS he is still a BABY at 6 months–perfect for those who want to adopt a rescue, but still want the puppy bonding experience.

Calipari was a stray at Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) on 3/31, when he was spotted by his foster mom, Julie. All he did was cover her face in kisses through the kennel bars. Lisa pulled him on his due out day and home came the scrawny (spine, hips and ribs showing) 6 mos. old lemon and white rat terrier puppy. He’s got a classic rat terrier face with perfect tipped ears that give him the most beguiling expression.

CalipariTypical for animal shelter refugees, Calipari soon showed signs of kennel cough, so he’s been on meds and getting lots of TLC. Too sick to attend the recent multiple adoption events, Calipari is now well down the road to recovery and looking to meet his new 4-evah family.

He has gained weight on Julie’s famous ‘church lady’ diet regimen of puppy chow embellished with canned puppy food and homemade chicken broth and pasta. He’s quite the butterball now….with a sleek shiny coat.

If you love Rat Terriers, do not pass up the chance to adopt this classic little Rattie boy. Go to RIGHT NOW to see Calipari and fill out an application.


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