Sofi blooms into a spring DAISY

Sofi, the charcoal coated Lhasa mix, caught the attention of Mary Dando last Tuesday at Ben & Jerry’s “FREE SCOOP” event. But Mary’s mom is in the hospital and things have been a little crazy for the Dando’s, so the timing was not quite right.

SofiAt yesterday’s adoption event at Poplar Highland Petco, Mary appears with her Maltese man, Rocky to see if he and Sofi hit it off. Well, Sofi had him at the first flutter of her lovely eyelashes! Off Sofi went with her new mom and brother to meet the rest of the family.

Mary called in later in the evening to report that her hubby was IN LOVE with Sofi as well and her mom was delighted with the new addition to the family. OH…Sofi’s new name is Daisy, which suits her to a T.  By the way, as Sofi’s foster mom I can confirm that she’s simply the happiest, bounciest, bubbliest gal ever!


2 Responses

  1. Daisy, as Sofi is now known, is at the vet to attend to a reaction she is having to stitches used at the shelter when they tried to spay her. (She was ALREADY SPAYED-talk about unnecessary surgery!).

    She will be in Dr. McCutcheon’s caring, capable hands to correct MAS’s mistake. Daisy will return to her new home tomorrow.

  2. Daisy blooms every day. She’s now found her voice and barks when she wants to play. She loves if you throw a ball at her and she’s just such a joy to be around. She’s become very territorial about her “peeps” and growled at another dog who just looked into the car!
    When my mother returned to the nursing home she got to meet Daisy and it was love at first sight. And as Daisy builds up her confidence she’s also asserting herself more with Rocky, our maltese little stinker. Soon she will be Princess Daisy or even Queen Daisy in our household. We love having her with us. Thank you Good Dog Rescue for making it possible for Daisy to come into our lives!!

    New pix to follow next week.

    Mary and John Dando

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