The Flying Elmo express travels to Vescovo Drive

Flying Elmo, the malte-poo pup from Arkansas found his 4-evah family Friday afternoon in between storm fronts moving through Memphis. I (julie) was a little early arriving at his new home, so I caught his new dad off guard. Tim, a big manly man, melted like butter at the sight of Elmo. Elmo, who had been owner surrendered because he was ‘hyper’ surprised his new dad with his shyness and good manners. We went inside to await the arrival of Virginia, Elmo’s new mom. In just a few minutes, she drove up and I sent Tim outside to greet his wife with Elmo in his arms. Virginia stopped in her tracks and burst into happy tears at the sight of hew new ‘baby’ boy.Flying Elmo relaxes

Both Tim and Virginia couldn’t understand how Elmo, with his good manners, had been given up for ‘hyper’ behavior, but quickly concluded it was THEIR good fortune that the Flying Elmo Express had arrived in their home.

Virginia brought a basket overflowing with toys that Elmo promptly began inspecting and pulling out favorites to entice his new parents. Later that evening, Virginia called to say that her mom had already come by to meet Elmo and that he was doing great!


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