Zach….the happiest dog EVER

HeartsHaven (ok, indulge Julie…she names EVERYTHING…including the house and the truck (Pearlie Mae) has a new resident, Zach. He is a grey/white poodle/tzu mix who is the sweetest, loving-est, happiest little guy in Memphis. Be sure to check his bio/pic on the website (until the intrepid webmistress, Cindy gets a pic loaded here). Zach spent the first late afternoon/evening with the Fur Angels running in and out of the door. Actually, I (Julie) think it was a test to see how well trained I was at opening/closing the door. He loved meeting ALL of the Fur Angel Gang and testing out his bark on passersby (how DARE THEY tread on HIS sidewalk).

Zach promptly found the goosedown pillows and climbed up to survey his kingdom and relax in downy comfort. Later, when it was bedtime, he jumped with ease onto the ‘big’ dog bed (in the master bedroom) and settled in for a long springtime nap.Zack

This morning, he showed me a new trick that is the most endearing yet….he jumped into the recliner, sat on his haunches and presented his tummy for rubs. This sweet, housetrained, loving little guy deserves ONLY THE BEST of homes. He is spending the day INDOORS with Miss Daisy and Miss Rosie–the Queen and Princess, respectively of the Fur Angel Gang.

SO…go to Good Dog’s website RIGHT NOW and meet Zach….he’ll have you AT BOW WOW….


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  1. Zach has been adopted. Click the “happy tail” tag to read his adoption story! He went to a WONDERFUL home!

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