Stepping into the gap

Not long ago, Good Dog Rescue founder and director Lisa Trenthem experienced some adversity due to the theft of her purse and its contents. Despite the havoc such an event wreaks in your life when you have to REMEMBER what is in the purse, make endless calls to stop the credit cards and get them reissued and stand in that infernal DMV line to have yet another tacky picture taken, Lisa got through the inconvenience and in her case, had to cancel and re-establish bank accounts related to GOOD DOG RESCUE.

As a small reward for her trouble, the bank was offering a perk for new accounts: a $100 donation to the charitable organization of your choice or a $50 VISA card for your own use. About this time, a rescuer friend of Lisa’s started fostering a dog (for another rescue) whose leg had been broken and dangling, per the vet, for MONTHS. The friend was organizing fund raisers to accept donations for the $600 (steeply discounted thanks to HILLCREST’s Dr. Griggs) surgery.Lisa Trenthem and Hadley

Lisa never even hesitated in offering the donation (to another rescue group) of the $100 to Buttercup’s leg repair surgery. That was 17% of the total cost–a GENEROUS portion indeed. To her, to have done otherwise was not being a good steward of resources available to animals in need. Lisa’s action is the strongest testimony that rescuers in Memphis do support each other and work together for the least and the lost.

Princess Buttercup has fully recovered from her leg repair surgery and joyfully bounds about with her foster mom and foster sibs, awaiting her 4-evah home. Every day, I know Buttercup, as her foster mom, thanks Momma Lisa for the gift of a good as new left rear leg–which to her is priceless.