Ozzie’s new parents GIVE BACK to GDR

Becca Bledsoe and her hubby were not seeking a new dog when they happened by Good Dog Rescue’s Sunday afternoon sidewalk adoption at Petco Poplar Highland. No, they were grieving the loss of their beloved senior pet and just wanted some puppy love to cheer them up.

Rebel with his new momWell, Ozzie (formerly Rebel), the Pom/Chihuahua mix had other plans for the Bledsoes. They took an immediate interest in him, because Mr. Bledsoe had previously had a pet who looked like Ozzie. They spent a lot of time with the happy pooch, taking him inside Petco to ‘shop’ and just getting to know him, all the time saying they just weren’t sure about a dog now. All this time, Ozzie was stealing their hearts with his playful antics with his toy tiger and just loving on who he KNEW inside his tiny canine heart were his new family. Dogs are REALLY smarter than we are, you know?

Well, GDR vols started packing up to leave, Julie shoved a clipboard with a blank adoption agreement into Mrs. Bledsoe’s hands, Cindy stayed to complete the process (Lisa had a MAC meeting to lead) and the rest is history! Ozzie won the LOTTO on Sunday, but so did GDR. You see, Mrs. and Mrs. Bledsoe had a plan to give back to GDR for saving Ozzie.

When called by GDR to arrange to get Ozzie for his neuter appointment (he was a GDR newbie), Mrs. Bledsoe said that she knew GDR needed the donation and if it was OK with GDR, that she would have Ozzie’s vetting done at her vet around the corner (from her house). She and Mr. Bledsoe are NUTS about the dog as was their other dog, Maisie, and they just didn’t want him to go so far (they’re in Marion) for his surgery. This way she could be close to him if needed.

WOW…thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bledsoe for the OH SO GENEROUS gifts to Ozzie and to GDR. We are both grateful and blessed to know you. We will ensure the donation you made is dedicated to the next dog we rescue. Thank you for GIVING BACK.


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