Derby wins a safe haven

GDR has a handsome new rescue, a chocolate with tan points cocker spaniel named Derby. We don’t have a picture or a bio yet, but let me assure you, Derby is HANDSOME and sweet. He’s still somewhat shy with new experiences, but he adapts very quickly. One overnight and he fell in love with his foster mom and Daisy, the golden retriever lady who lives there. Oh, and Rosie, the rat terrier is pretty, too, according to Derby.

Derby has a somewhat grown out cocker hair cut, so that tells us he was cared for at some point in his recent history. His lovely chocolately soft fur was embedded with various weedy burrs, but while he was sleeping off his neuter anesthesia, the groomer combed out all the icky stuff, leaving him luxuriously handsome. The wonderful vets at Pope Animal Clinic fixed his ‘cherry’ eye as well, so Derby got the works yesterday!

Derby still finds the ladies in his foster home VERY pretty, but so far he has not offended anyone. He is working on his indoor potty manners and loves the food his foster mom serves up.

If you have been wanting to adopt a purebred, chocolate cocker with tan eyebrows other points, run for the roses and pick DERBY…he is a winner!


2 Responses

  1. Please note Derby is not eligible for adoption yet. He has just had surgery
    on his eye and has been neutered.
    We believe Derby will be happiest as an inside dog with a fenced back yard
    and possibly a female dog companion.

  2. Great news! Derby was adopted on May 17, 2008 to his new forever home. He looked as if he was loving his new dad. GDR wishes them health and happiness!

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