Kid Friendly and Ready for Adoption!

All our puppies and dogs are great. But some of them are fabulous with children.

How do we know, you ask?

As foster parents and adoption volunteers, we have the opportunity to see our puppies and dogs interacting over time with a lot of different people.

Some of our kid friendly puppies and dogs Here are our great dogs and puppies from Good Dog Rescue that are very kid friendly and are just waiting for their furever home!

View the bios of Ash, Brian, Chica, Clyde, Dorsey, Mr. Bojangles, Neville, Nutmeg, Sophie, or Stripe.

And, please, consider adopting one of these great pets … whether or not you have children!


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  1. Thanks to all who came out to our adoption event at the Bartlett Petco on Saturday, May 17. Our adoption was a great success, as these kid-friendly pets were adopted:

    Our other kid-friendly pets as well as all our good dogs and puppies are still waiting on their forever home. We hope you’ll join us this next weekend at our 2 adoption events if you’re looking for your new friend.

    We’ll be at the Ben & Jerry’s at Poplar & Mendenhall on Saturday, May 24 from 12-4 and at the Petco at Poplar & Highland on Sunday, May 25 from 1-4. Join us!

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