Rennie and her new home

If you’re a reader of our blog, you’ll remember reading about Rennie, the border collie who was adopted into Tom and Syd’s loving home. Well, Syd has sent us some updates about Rennie and we thought we’d share those with you.Rennie Running

On May 4, Syd writes:

Rennie is a sweetie. We introduced her to our house and yard, she did find the cats absolutely fascinating but she is calm and controled in her methods to check them out. We are keeping them separated for now. My Persian that thought he was a dog is having other thoughts about being friendly but that is expected. The cutest thing she did is when I went to take a nap, I tried to get her on the dog bed. She laid down on it and I rubbed her belly, I knew she was wanting to rest, but she jumped on our bed, I got her to get down … but she left the room and went and got her toy and ran full tilt and jumped up onto the bed, and sat down. Like “Ok, now I am ready for my nap.” I still made her get down, but later she made it back up on the bed. I love dogs but she is a little big to be on the bed, but she was so cute about it, this will be a tough thing to say no to. I will set some boundaries but sometimes you just got to take a nap with your dog. And we did. I can really see it in her face, she is home. It will take some time to get her used to the cats but I think we are all good. Thanks for rescuing her. Thanks for helping out dogs that need homes.

On May 6, Syd updates us … after Cindy & Jerry (Rennie’s foster parents) let her know about Rennie’s fear of storms:

She has such a puppy way. She is still excited about the cats, but she is getting less excited. I have interrupted her ‘fixation’ on them, but can’t get her ‘unimpressed’ with them. She has not offered to bite them. I know she was really excited about them running and hiding. Her encounters are controlled. One of my cats has been brave enough to come into the room with her, she was ok til Rennie got close enough to sniff her and I guess she felt the hot breath of pursuit and took off for safe area. I wish she had just hissed and acted unimpressed with her – it would have ended then cause dogs love a good chase. I think Rennie has been slapped by claws before cause she jumps back like she is expecting a slap. Much work is needed. But she is calming down.

Syd gives us another update on May 8 … sounds like Rennie rules the roost!

Border Collie’s Rule. Today I have noticed that she is on to me, she won’t got outside, til I go outside. She likes to play on her terms. She likes that one toy you had given us, and that is it. She will throw it up and dance around in animated fashion, totally wear herself out. I never have taught a dog to fetch a ball. They either want to run and get the ball or they watch me throw the ball and look at me and carry on doing what they want to do. I had this image of playing fetch and Frisbee. We bought some toys, a Hurl a Squirrel (cloth Frisbee). I hurled it, she watched, but no interest. I went and picked it up, threw it near her, she was so offended by my lack of manners, she went to the back door to wait to go back in the house. I tried balls, 2 sizes, small and medium, same thing. Totally offended. I am thinking, this is going to be harder than I thought. I am desperate to have ‘play’ time with her but I have not found what she likes that she will include me on. I had a cat that would fetch but If I could only remember what I did to get that to happen. LOL. I try to get her excited and playful she walks away like I have offended her.

I have taken her walking, but it is more like ‘she is walking me’. I tried to get her to heel but it is truly she making me Heel. I am determined to enjoy our walks so I try to balance with keeping her by my side and being drug by her. I am working on treats to get her interested in coming every time to me. She is extremely offended when I offer a treat to get her to do something. She is so smart! She definitely loves me but she has her own way of having fun, so I am working on finding out what that is. You said she was afraid of storms. We have found she doesn’t like rain, first sign of a drop of rain, she went to the back door and waited to be let in. She is like ‘I am a big dog’ and it is raining outside, you go out there yourself. She is totally house trained. I am becoming more Border Collie trained. Time for our walk. 🙂

GDR thanks Tom and Syd for adopting Rennie, who is such a love! We wish for them many happy and healthy years … the cats too!


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