Happy Birthday to Founder/Director, Lisa!

Momma Lisa, we have asked Julie to type for us, so here goes (she may goof the spelling or punctuation, but don’t fuss on her too hard; just put her in a crate for a short time out–she will learn):

Thank you for being born so we could live. We know you have been doing this since you were a teenager and the Memphis Animal Shelter was located in downtown Memphis. Your heart for saving animals who are at risk is bigger than the whole universe. You definitely have made a difference for the lives of every family who has adopted from and every dog who has ever been saved by you. What a legacy you have built in such a SHORT, YOUNG life. Why, in dog years, you are just a little kid!

We know that you sometimes we are a burden in every way–emotionally, financially, and certainly housekeeping-wise, but you seem to take it all in stride. You always have kind, soft, sweet words for us and loving, tender hands that care for our every need. And man oh man, are you fun to snuggle with! We LOVE all the good food you get us and fresh water. PLUS, no fleas, no heartworms, and we live INDOORS. WOOF WOOF HOORAY.

We know you lose sleep over every dog you want to save but cannot for reasons beyond your control. When you get up in the dark to check that square contraption with the clicky thing attached, we see you fret and cry and type like crazy to get the word about saving more like us. Because we have extra special sensitivities, we feel it when the ghosts of dogs lost come to haunt you. That’s why we snuggle in close sometimes for ‘no reason’ – we will protect and comfort you until the memories pass. You think no one knows, but we do and we love you so much, Momma Lisa.

You must be an extra smart human, because you seem to be able to solve all kinds of really complex problems in seconds flat (like deciding who must go to the doctor, when and who has to have what pills when, and who is good enough to adopt one of us and who is not worthy to adopt us). And you have good people skills, too, because you have gathered a nice group of people who take care of us either by letting us live with them or who love on us on the weekends. It’s fun to meet all the new people. We love them, too, but we love you most of all.

Plus, you even took on CITY HALL by giving a voice to MacKenzie, the sweet border collie who may have lost her earth life, but who, because of you and Memphis Animal Coalition, that you helped found, will live on forever as the symbol of positive changes for the Memphis Animal Shelter. We are so proud of you we could just burst (but that would be more clean up, so we will just wag and smile at you instead.) And we know MacKenzie, our guardian angel dog, is watching over us. You are our SHE-RO, Momma Lisa.

We hope your birthday on Monday, the 19th, is as special for you as you are to us. We really don’t have any way to show you except by wags and kisses, so when we mob you and slobber you up extra slimy on Monday, you will know what we’re trying to tell you. HAPPY BIRHTDAY MOMMA LISA.