Chica making friends with Milton

Chica tentatively introducing herselfChica, our little wirehaired terrier puppy was adopted by Kimberly Napper.

Good Dog Rescue appreciates Kimberly, as she also adopted Milton (in the photos with Chica) from us last year!

Chica\'s getting bolderShe knew what a great pet she could get from Good Dog Rescue …

so when she was searching for a buddy for Milton, she visited our website and found the perfect pal.

Chica and her new familyIn these great pics, Chica starts out tentatively trying to get Milton’s attention …

then Chica gets a little bolder …

you can’t call it subtle when a pup’s on your head …

and, finally, Kimberly, Milton, and Chica are cuddling!

Thanks, Kimberly, for returning and adopting another of our worthy pets.

Chica and Milton look like they’ll be fast (and forever) friends!

Remember to visit our adoptable pets on Petfinder to find your new forever friend!


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