Dorsey gets a clean bill of health!

Dorsey\'s done with heartworm treatmentDorsey, the ‘perfect’ Jack Russell Terrier fostered by GDR Volunteer, Julie Clark, got a clean bill of health today from his attending vet. Dorsey has spent the last 30 days undergoing treatment for heartworms (the human equivalent of CHEMOTHERAPY). He’s had to be kept quiet and inactive (remember, he’s a Jack Russell Terrier, a breed NOT KNOWN for quiet or inactive) the entire time, which means Dorsey has logged many hours in his crate. His foster mom reports that he’s been an IDEAL patient, who has not complained once about his ‘confinement.’

Per Julie, Dorsey is the BEST DOG in her home, which includes not only fosters, but her own beloved pet crew….who have great manners. SO, this compliment is not made lightly. If you are seeking a loving, smart, calm Jack Russell Terrier to claim your lap and life, Dorsey is the dog for you.

He is housebroken, about two years old, has short legs and the cutest smile…YES….he SMILES–his lip lifts up over his front teeth in the cutest smile you have ever seen. Do not miss out on the chance to spend your life with this merry little fella.


One Response

  1. Dorsey’s FIRST EVER adoption event was Sunday at Poplar Highland Petco. He spent the majority of it either barking greetings at all the canine passersby OR in his normal and favorite position–belly UP, 4 legs in the air, RE-laxing.

    DON”T miss out on this gentle, sweet, housetrained boy!

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