Beagles are BEST

Truffle and Sherman Potter are the two latest fosters to arrive at HeartsHaven. Truffle is a tri-color female, 10 inch (small) beagle, while Sherman Potter is a ginger/sable male who is just slightly larger. Sherman has ‘self’ colored eyes that give him the most soulful expression. Initially, Sherman was a bit overwhelmed by the appearance of resident BIG DAWG, Hagrid, the Great Pyrenees, but once the first sniffs were over, Sherman realized Hagrid was just the welcoming committee….all in one GIANT package.

Sherman Potter, the beagleYou may recall that UNO won Best In Show at Westminster this year. Truffle and Sherman are also ‘best in show’ in their foster home. Both are housetrained (impecabble manners), both play well with others, are affectionate to their foster mom, and are happy housemates.

Sherman and Truffle prefer HUMAN company to canine, but Sherman’s new best friend is Stripe, the golden/boxer mix. Truffle is still focusing on Momma Julie and making sure that she has enough lavish kisses.

The very best traits in Sherman and Truffles are that they LOVE kids, are sturdy dogs, have great dispositions, and love to focus on their humans. They have enough energy to keep up with the kids, but are not hyper (hounds are by nature very calm, deliberate, considerate companions). Hunters by nature, they are vigilant watchdogs, but these two do not bark unless to notify.

If you want a small dog with a GIANT heart, come meet Sherman and Truffle at Ben and Jerry’s or Petco Poplar Highland this weekend. They will have you at bow wow!


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  1. Well, Sherman Potter LOVES the kitties in his foster home. They share their OH SO TASTY cat chow with him (well, he kinda jumps the gate and just bellies up to their bowls, but they don’t mind). He repents this bad behavior by jumping back over the gate when he hears Mom coming….I think Scamperelli is his lookout! And his BFF is Mizzy, the chow/shepherd mix female. They just run and play chase all day long.

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