Mr. Bojangles will steal your heart

Mr. Bojangles is a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie mix who has been with us for a while now. His foster parents just can’t figure out why this great guy hasn’t yet been adopted! He’s very outgoing and is grateful for any attention that is shown him.

Mr. Bo, Bo Bo, Mr. B. … he’ll answer to it all. He’s a very happy fella, about 5 years old, and is looking to get into his forever home.

He plays well with other dogs and goes in and out the doggie door. Housetrained also!

He’ll be with us at our Ben & Jerry’s adoption event today – from 12-4 at the Ben & Jerry’s located at Poplar & Mendenhall.

Please come by and see what a great little fella Mr. Bojangles is.

I’m looking for my forever home … could it be with you????

Mr Bojangles


One Response

  1. Bojangles also LOVES LOVES LOVES kids…did I mention that he LOVES kids???? At every adoption event, when kids come by, Bojangles makes his way to them to greet and get pets.

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