Bonnie’s living it up with Rennie


Syd sends us an update on Bonnie (who was adopted to live with Rennie in their forever border collie home):

Bonnie and Rennie are buddies. They still have interest in the cats. Bonnie has been the first to do the nose greeting and walk on the floor around Yoda, the cat, without chasing him. They will eventually get unimpressed with the cats. These things take time but both dogs have really done well.

Here is a picture of Bonnie the first week she was at home. I have been reading allot about dogs and collecting video on my DVR on every dog show. It’s Me or the Dog and the Dog Whisperer are my favorites. Rennie started Obedience last Tuesday with Shelby County Obedience. I am using a lot of the tools I have gained on those 2 TV shows. Anyone that get a new dog or puppy needs to watch them.

The volunteers of Good Dog Rescue are excited to hear of the Bonnie and Rennie’s great adventures! If you’ve adopted one of our dogs or puppies, please send an email and let us know how you’re doing. We’d love to post your pictures and stories!

Good luck, Bonnie and Rennie! Don’t get too close to the cats!


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