Phyllis Diller … er, Suzy … gets adopted!

Phyllis Diller gets adoptedIn one of the most rapid adoptions ever, Good Dog Rescue “rescues” Phyllis Diller one day from the Memphis Animal Shelter only to have her adopted into her new forever home the next day at our Petco adoption event!

This great young woman and her son came into Petco and she immediately came to see Phyllis Diller … who seemed so aptly named yesterday, but who lost her scraggly and crazy looking hair when Good Dog Rescue volunteer, Kathy, gave her a haircut!

Well, this young lady said “I have to have her.” See, they have another little male dog that is her size and age and Phyllis Diller looked just like him!

So, after the normal bonding and loving, the newly renamed “Suzy” went home with these two great folks … into her forever home that has another one that looks just like her!

Nothing better in the world than to have a playmate that looks just like you!

Good Dog Rescue hopes that Phyllis Diller … er, Suzy … has a wonderful life in her new forever home!


One Response

  1. WOW….what a difference a day makes in a girl’s hairdo! This little girl was so sweet and her new family is just as sweet as she is. GOOD LUCK, SUZY and the Kennedys who adopted her!

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