We are ready for New Home!

Right before a big storm moved into the area around Ben & Jerry’s Saturday…we arrived from the Memphis Animal Shelter….we were so glad to get out of there!

Some lady grabbed us up and took us to her house to foster before we find our forever home….! “Ruff, Wuff, and Skippy” Wouldn’t you like for one of us to live with you? We are so much fun! We go outside in the yard, but sometimes we forget…need lots of fun toys to play with and some good food. See us on the web site! Later, from the guys!


One Response

  1. WOW….this is Nutmeg (mom is typing for me). These guys look like my long lost sisters and brothers! They sure are cutie pies! Don’t forget to look at my picture on Good Dog website, too. I am already crate trained and am working on my housebreaking skills. Mom says I am doing REALLY GREAT for such a young pup.

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