Josie goes for a trial stay at her "hopefully" new home!

Josie found a new fan today at our adoption event at Hollywood Feed Store. This young woman has been coming to several of GDR’s adoption events, just waiting on THE right dog or puppy for her.

This is really great, because getting a dog or puppy is a lifetime commitment. It needs to be the right fit. Forcing a fit will drive you crazy!

So, she’s been coming to several of our adoptions and really looking carefully at our great dogs and puppies. Today, she found Josie and just had to take her home for a trial stay.

Josie, the sweet little black and white Boston Terrier, has been waiting on her forever home since her owner surrendered her (and her cocker spaniel housemate) to the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Well, today is a new birthday for Josie, as she goes off for her trial stay at this young woman’s house. GDR hopes the trial works out for everyone and that Josie has found her 4ever home!

Ollie’s really gone to her forever home this time!

You’ll remember our initial story about Ollie being adopted by a great gal from Arkansas. Well, that adoption didn’t work out, because Ollie and the established dog at her new home didn’t see eye to eye about things.

So, unfortunately, Ollie was returned to us.*

But, today Ollie found her forever home with this great woman who came specifically to see if she and Ollie “matched.” It’s hard to not match with Ollie, who’s a border collie, golden retriever mix. She’s such a loving young dog.

At about 1 year old, Ollie will certainly provide many years of joy and companionship to her new mom. GDR looks forward to hearing how Ollie does!

* Please note that if, for any reason, an adoption from GDR does not work out for you and your home, the dog should be returned to GDR. We make a commitment to all our dogs and puppies that we rescue from the shelter or other situations that they will never have to return to such a situation again. We also make a commitment to find them great homes, which is nothing less than what they deserve. So, even though we were disappointed (as was the original adopter) that Ollie did not work out in her home, we were happy to take Ollie back and give her another chance at finding her forever home. Today’s adoption event was a success!

Lady finds her man!

Lady, our registered one and a half year old black and white spaniel who is absolutely lady-like, was adopted today by this great guy. He was there to meet her as soon as we arrived at Hollywood Feed Store for today’s adoption … eager to be the first to greet her and take her home.

Lady knew this man was the one for her. She enjoyed the attention and is looking forward to being with a loving family who will give her the love and care she needs.

GDR volunteers hope that Lady and her guy have a lifetime full of love and happiness!

Chewy (aka Curly) goes "home" for a trial run

Chewy, the wirehaired terrier mix who looks sort of like an overgrown Scottie, went home today with this great couple. He was happy to meet them and their dog, that they smartly brought along to see how the interactions would go.

This is a trial run for Chewy, who was once known as Curly – for reasons GDR rescue volunteers cannot fathom as he has NO curls! Provided Chewy and his new brother get along at home like they got along at Hollywood Feed Store this morning, Chewy will be in his forever home!

GDR wishes Chewy, his new brother, and his great parents years of happiness and love.

GDR LOVES Hollywood Feed Store on Stage Road!

The last time we were at Hollywood Feed Store on Stage Road near Summer Avenue in Bartlett, TN, we adopted 8 of our great dogs and puppies to their forever homes. Today we blew that record away! Ten, count ’em, 10, of our dogs and puppies were adopted into their forever homes. Check back on our blog for some pics of our adopters with their new friends. Three are on “trial runs” … but the folks taking them home for trials sure were looking as if they were going to make it forever!

Thanks, Hollywood Feed Store, for letting us come to your place for such a great adoption day!

May 31 2008 adoptions