Josie goes for a trial stay at her "hopefully" new home!

Josie found a new fan today at our adoption event at Hollywood Feed Store. This young woman has been coming to several of GDR’s adoption events, just waiting on THE right dog or puppy for her.

This is really great, because getting a dog or puppy is a lifetime commitment. It needs to be the right fit. Forcing a fit will drive you crazy!

So, she’s been coming to several of our adoptions and really looking carefully at our great dogs and puppies. Today, she found Josie and just had to take her home for a trial stay.

Josie, the sweet little black and white Boston Terrier, has been waiting on her forever home since her owner surrendered her (and her cocker spaniel housemate) to the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Well, today is a new birthday for Josie, as she goes off for her trial stay at this young woman’s house. GDR hopes the trial works out for everyone and that Josie has found her 4ever home!


4 Responses

  1. Josie has been a joy since I have had her in my home. She is so loving. She has learned to sit ( for food) and loves any kind of treat . She also loves to snuggle. My waiting for the “right dog” has paid off. I renamed her TAYLOR and she has all ready wiggled her way into my sons and my heart. She definatley has found her PERMANANT home. Thank you Good Dog Rescue for the service that you provide for the animals and secondandly to the people who are able to adopt these wonderful creatures.

  2. Taylor(Josie) is the sweetest dog.!!!! She is a huge SNUGGLER. She now sits even if she doesn’t get a treat. She loves being outside and sunning herself. Yesterday Taylor visited my mom’s house and she romped and played with my mom’s Boston (Bailey) Taylor was exhausted. She got home and went straight to bed and didn’t wake up until I got her up. I would recommend a Boston Terrier to anyone and definately Good Dog Rescue

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