Ollie’s really gone to her forever home this time!

You’ll remember our initial story about Ollie being adopted by a great gal from Arkansas. Well, that adoption didn’t work out, because Ollie and the established dog at her new home didn’t see eye to eye about things.

So, unfortunately, Ollie was returned to us.*

But, today Ollie found her forever home with this great woman who came specifically to see if she and Ollie “matched.” It’s hard to not match with Ollie, who’s a border collie, golden retriever mix. She’s such a loving young dog.

At about 1 year old, Ollie will certainly provide many years of joy and companionship to her new mom. GDR looks forward to hearing how Ollie does!

* Please note that if, for any reason, an adoption from GDR does not work out for you and your home, the dog should be returned to GDR. We make a commitment to all our dogs and puppies that we rescue from the shelter or other situations that they will never have to return to such a situation again. We also make a commitment to find them great homes, which is nothing less than what they deserve. So, even though we were disappointed (as was the original adopter) that Ollie did not work out in her home, we were happy to take Ollie back and give her another chance at finding her forever home. Today’s adoption event was a success!


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  1. […] were excited when Ollie got adopted (read here) and we were so excited to see Ollie yesterday again. Thanks, Anne, for staying in […]

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