Hollywood Pet Star’s new Collierville location a GREAT adoption spot

Monkee, Sunny, and Dorsey–fostered by Julie C found FUR-evah homes yesterday at Good Dog Rescue’s first event at the brand spanking new Hollywood Petstar in Collierville.

Sunny’s new family almost showed up BEFORE he got there to meet them they were so excited about seeing him in ‘FURSON’. He pranced about the store, leading his new family around while they shopped for doggie accessories.

Monkee’s new mom (a Hollywood Pet Star staffer) and her hubby could not resist his cute little ‘mug’ and his winning personality. Monkee joins two other shih tzu’s to round out the Tzu team.

Dorsey, the PERFECT Jack Russell Terrier, found three kids of his very own–the requirement for his total happiness. Dorsey really charmed the daddy, because he confessed to telling his wife that ‘we’re not getting a dog today’. Famous last words, hum????

The staff certainly rolled out the red carpet for all the dogs that came out to meet and greet the folks in Collierville. We could not have had a nicer setting and vendor team to work with for an event. Since the store is set back from the street a bit, the employees tied balloons out front to get attention from shoppers driving by. The Hollywood team clearly love animals and their jobs as they had many kind words and pets for all the GOOD DOGS who were there. LOTS of people came to the store and kept the volunteers and dogs hopping. Every GOOD DOG left tired and well-petted.

All the GOOD DOG volunteers are looking forward to returning to Collierville’s Hollywood Pet Star later in July! THANK YOU HOLLYWOOD PET STAR and THANK YOU adopting families for choosing GOOD DOGS to rescue.


Beauty, well, is in the eyes, it seems!

Sweet Cher, the female near-look-a-like to Sunny, the spaniel mix male, has a condition known as ‘cherry eye‘. This is a malfunction of the third eyelid in some dogs that is easily corrected surgically. Cher hit the jackpot this week when a generous dog-lover offered to donate the money to ensure her surgery can be done SOONER rather than later.

Cher, fostered by Julie C, came from the MAS where she’d been picked up as a stray. She had a severe flea allergy that resulted in hair loss and sores on the lower half of her body. Foster Mom Julie reports that NEVER in many years of rescue she has done has she seen such a saturation of ‘flea dirt’ on a small dog. Prompt applications of Capstar and Frontline plus killed all the fleas and ticks that were chewing on this dear little girl. But, the newly spayed Cher had to wait until her surgical wound healed before she could be bathed.

With her spay stitches removed after the proper healing time, Cher was given a luxury spa bath this past weekend and clearly feels much better. Her hot spots have healed quite a bit due to the post-rescue regimen of benadryl and antibiotics. NOW we just wait for her lovely blond and white silky soft fur to grow back in as we work on our inside potty manners.

Cher is a sweet, gentle, sticks close to your side small dog that would love YOU to be her forever human. Cher will snuggle close to you and talk in low soft sounds to let you know she loves being held and touched. She does not bark at all (so far!) and gets along well with all the foster dogs and cats at HeartsHaven. She is on the website and will be at the upcoming adoption event this weekend.

Check Cher out and come meet this pretty little girl.

Petie has a reason to dance!

Diane McManus adopted JP … who she promptly renamed to Petie. She told us a bit about Petie in a comment on our blog. Because JP, er Petie, was such a cutie, we asked Diane for some pictures and she sent us the following. Petie has it MADE at this house!

Petie\'s Pics

Looking for a loving home for Harley

Nancy Harbison writes us with this story … and we just couldn’t resist helping out by posting a note about this adorable young dog.

HarleyWhat I’m looking for is a home for a Shepherd mix that I have been fostering since she was abandoned several months ago. I’ve had her spayed, gotten her all of her shots, & she’s on heartworm preventative. She’s about 18 months old or so now. Her name is Harley.

Anyway, I’m willing to continue fostering her until I can find her a home. I’ve got 4 other dogs & 6 cats, so I already have my hands full. (I’m looking for a home for one of the cats, too.) Also, my only female dog doesn’t really like the competition. Sometimes they get along, sometimes not, so I keep them separated now, which is a hassle.

Thanks for any info or ideas you can give me.

Nancy C. Harbison
901-743-2803 (hm)
901-413-4117 (cell)

If you can help Nancy find a forever loving home for Harley, please give her a call. Good Dog Rescue thanks Nancy for her faithfulness and kindness to Harley. We could use more folks like this in our world!

Ladybug ‘shows us the money’ – anonymous donor sponsors her heartworm treatment!

Ladybug, the very pretty tri-color champion counter-surfing border collie mix recently rescued by Good Dog Rescue, tested positive for heartworms.  While fatal if not treated, this parasitic infestation can be treated and Ladybug should have a complete recovery.  She’s been on the list to get into the vet who works with local area rescues on heartworm treatments.

This is a picture of a dog’s heart infested with heartworms.  YUCKY isn’t it?

Ladybug’s foster mom noticed right away that she had a persistent ‘mouth’ (versus deep chest) cough that would not respond to cough control medicines.  Besides, Ladybug was an owner surrender and had not been to an animal shelter where she would have been exposed to kennel cough.  SO, the foster mom decided to get this pretty girl to her own vet to get her checked out.  By now, you recognize this nervous nellie foster mom is JULIE C.

Turns out, Ladybug is a special case, because even though her test shows a light positive response, in reality, her lungs are already very damaged from the deadly parasites.   Dr. McCutcheon diagnosed lung damage and added oral steroids to the antibiotic regimen that Ladybug was already following.  The lungs are so inflamed and damaged from the heartworms that Ladybug’s heartworm treatment will have to be broken into three (where it’s normally one or two) treatment sessions of 30 days each.  Now that is a severe case of this deadly parasitic disease! And, Dr. McCutcheon shared that she has a special fondness for border collie types.  I just think that Ladybug turned on that CHARM she is chock full of!

Dr. McCutcheon will recheck Ladybug’s lung next week and if she’s able, Ladybug will begin with the first of her three total treatments.  I am glad to report after 3 days of steroids, Ladybug is already coughing a lot less and should be improved enough to start her treatment next week as planned.

Ladybug wants to say thank you to the donor who loved her enough to help her get her heartworm treatment and hopes that more people will read this and choose to help other GOOD DOGS get the medical care they need.  Every donation is used 100% to provide medical care and food for all the GOOD DOGS in our foster care.

Willow’s at home with his new family!

The Equi family sent us an update on Willow, the chow/border collie mix they adopted from GDR:

He is doing great. Enclosed is a picture I took a couple of days after he was home. He has gained a few pounds since then. I can tell because his harness isn’t as loose anymore. We will be taking him for his 3rd set of shots at the end of June. We have been working short periods on sit, down, and kisses (because as a puppy he likes to mouth). He is a smart puppy. Once he has his final shots we will be attending formal obedience at Talk to the Paw.

He is a happy little guy who hasn’t yet met someone he doesn’t like. The kids love to play with him and are learning to give him something else to chew when he starts to get mouthy.

Thanks for letting us take him home.

What a great family … what a lucky puppy!

Willow and his family

Adoption Day at Farmers Market Downtown

What a beautiful day at the Farmers Market Downtown.  Sunshine and a nice breeze made for a great adoption day.  Not many adoptions, but alot of great exposure.  Lots of inquiries and applications.  The dogs were great and had a really good time playing with each other.  We used our new canopy that was donated by 9th grade IB students from Germantown High School…made for lots of shade that we needed.