Daisy blossoms with her new family

Kris Johnson sends an update on their recently adopted new family member, Daisy.

We lost our senior yorkie to kidney failure last september and only recently had felt ready to look into bringing another dog into our home. After perusing petfinder for several weeks, I saw a dog I wanted us to meet. After talking to her foster mama though, we determined that the dog I’d seen might not be our match, as we have a 19 month old daughter. However, another dog being fostered there just might work for us, a sweet little yorkie/shih tzu mix named Lucy Lou.

I went with my daughter to see her, and she snuggled up with us right away! After waiting a couple of days for her to get vetted and for my husband to meet her, a newly renamed Daisy came home to stay!

Our daughter adores her sweet puppy, asking for Daisy the first thing when she wakes up in the morning, and Daisy is so sweet and gentle with her! It’s been so fun to watch them run around the backyard together!

So thanks so much to Daisy’s foster (Jackie) for pointing us in her direction! I’m attaching a few pictures, including one of Daisy in her new favorite spot on the back of our couch 🙂

kris, kevin, faith and daisy johnson

Thanks, Kris, for sending us your update. Daisy and Faith are cute as they can be. The volunteers of GDR hope that Faith and Daisy have tons of fun as they grow together!


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