Newest foster at HeartsHaven

HeartsHaven (julie’s house–she names EVERYTHING!) has a new resident – Peppi, the collie/heeler mix. Fresh from boarding, where he would pace/run constantly in his run, this sweet fella is BONE THIN. He took one look at the back door, ran inside, looked around, laid down and breathed a sigh as if to say, ‘ah, a house, I had one of these before, NICE…and AIR CONDITIONING, too!”

A predominately black tri-color with ticked feet and belly, Peppy went to the adoption event at Petco Saturday, where he spent most of the time when not out of his crate, LEANING on the front of the crate to be near people. Peppi is DEFINITELY a people dog who has been too long away from the loving tender caresses he craves and needs to be happy. He is truly a VELCRO dog in that he sticks very close to your side whereever you are. He was relaxed enough by Sunday afternoon to ‘chase’ Julie’s feet as she walked about the back yard doing chores. He’s DEFINITELY trying to herd her!

Peppi plays well with the other dogs. He is learning to ‘share’ Julie’s attention with the other fosters and pets in the pack at HeartsHaven. He so far has not barked one syllable. Peppi is relearning his house training lost during his long time stay at the kennel. Peppi is about 18-20 inches tall, with a medium, shiny coat, and should be about 35-40 lbs. when he attains his proper weight. He will do best in a home that has someone home most of the time and he does love children. However, herding breeds do best in homes with children over 10, as small squealing toddlers resemble ‘sheep’ to a working dog.

The kennel manager reported him as hyper, but that is a false assessment. Peppi simply was totally anxious and unhappy in the kennel situation, as most herding breeds cannot tolerate the setting of a commercial kennel. Herders need a JOB and in a boarding kennel, there is simply not enough productive stimulation for these working dogs.

Since being in his foster home, when Peppi is not simply lounging around in the house (did I mention he LOVES indoors?), he has been taking advantage a regimen of four feedings per day to not only help him gain much needed weight (he’s about 28 lbs and should be 40), but also help him relearn that there is ENOUGH. He has been de-wormed (just in case parasites are causing his weight loss). His diet will also be supplemented with Julie’s ‘not yet patented’ famous “Church Lady Diet” (if it makes her fat, it will make the dogs fat) whereby pasta or rice and broth are mixed in with kibble to increase the calories taken in.


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  1. Peppi is NOT the least bit bothered by storms (we had a little thunder and rain last night). He is relaxing more each day, but his ‘marvin is still starvin’–he’s a VERY good eater yet. LOL. He also is initiating play with some of the other dogs, but ignores the cats (a significant plus for a herding dog!). Herders usually don’t do well with cats. Peppi is truly a joyful foster who hugs you at every opportunity. And the world needs more hugs.

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