Griffith and Emmett, formerly Stubby and Robbie, settle into the Wiggins’ household!

What a great note we received today from Christy and Matt Wiggins. They adopted two of our great dogs – first one and then another. The dogs look to rule this household, from their nice comfy blue couch.

Hello Good Dog Rescue!

We’re so thankful for everything you guys do! We’ve been lucky enough to adopt not one, but TWO sweet boys from you. Our first little guy, Griffith (formerly Stubby) joined our family just before Christmas of 2006. Griffith is such a good boy. He loves to cuddle up with his Mom and go for long walks with his Dad.

After seeing how much fun Griffith has playing with his Grandy’s dogs, we decided that Griff needed a brother. So, on May 3rd, we visited Petco in Bartlett and met Emmett (formerly Robbie). We were told that Emmett was quite the escape artist and even heard a few people refer to him as “the crazy one.” While we can agree that he’s a bit crazy at times, we know it’s just because he’s so happy and has SO much energy. He loves joining his new Dad and his new brother Griff on their long walks. Emmett especially loves wrestling and playing tug-of-war with Griff. Both Emmett and Griffith have received clean bills of health from their new vet, and Emmett even has a new fancy haircut that truly shows off his puppy-ness.

We’re so lucky to have Griffith and Emmett as part of our family, and we’re truly thankful for everything Good Dog Rescue does.

Thanks again!
Christy & Matt Wiggins

p.s. I’ve attached some updated photos of the boys.

Here are some photos of Griffith and Emmett, looking pretty relaxed!


2 Responses

  1. I am so glad Emmett (robbie) is doing so good!! I would suspect by the look at how happy he is his escape artist days are over!!!
    Thank you for opening your home to him and I wish you much happiness with him and griffith for years to come


  2. Sorry for the delay in responding to this! I just now saw your comment.

    I suspect that Emmett would LOVE to escape, if we’d let him. He’s such a funny little guy and we grow to love him more and more every day. Did you work with him before we adopted him?

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