Harry’s Adopted Tale

Just received word today from a family who adopted one of our great dogs more than a year ago. Here’s Harry’s (earlier known as Fluffy) Happy Tail!

A year and a half ago this great looking guy came into our lives thanks to your wonderful organization.

Fluffy LoveHarry, formerly known as Fluffy, and often called ‘Fluffy-butt’ and ‘Booboo’, has obviously grown out of his cautious and shy shell. He now enjoys running in the back yard with his big brother Moose, and playing with a stuffed squirrel with his big sister Lucy. Even though he is twice their size, they all get along.

When we adopted him he was still underweight, but now he is a healthy 85Ibs. We also think we might have figured out what breed he is. At first it seemed he was some sort of mutt mix, but upon further investigation we think he might actually be a Kuvasz.

It took a lot of patient TLC before he realized that he now has a permanent and loving home. The picture I attached shows just how spoiled he’s become, and we LOVE it that way! We couldn’t imagine our lives without our gentle giant, and want to thank you for connecting us with our puppy soul mate!

Relaxing on a comfy bed with the TV remote within reach … having brothers and sisters to play with … and humans who love and adore you … what more could any great dog want!

Thanks for sending along Harry’s story. These stories give the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue great joy to read. Other adopters, or potential adopters, also find stories like these highly motivating!

Keep sending your stories (your happy tails) to us at Good Dog Rescue for posting.


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