Looking for a loving home for Harley

Nancy Harbison writes us with this story … and we just couldn’t resist helping out by posting a note about this adorable young dog.

HarleyWhat I’m looking for is a home for a Shepherd mix that I have been fostering since she was abandoned several months ago. I’ve had her spayed, gotten her all of her shots, & she’s on heartworm preventative. She’s about 18 months old or so now. Her name is Harley.

Anyway, I’m willing to continue fostering her until I can find her a home. I’ve got 4 other dogs & 6 cats, so I already have my hands full. (I’m looking for a home for one of the cats, too.) Also, my only female dog doesn’t really like the competition. Sometimes they get along, sometimes not, so I keep them separated now, which is a hassle.

Thanks for any info or ideas you can give me.

Nancy C. Harbison
901-743-2803 (hm)
901-413-4117 (cell)

If you can help Nancy find a forever loving home for Harley, please give her a call. Good Dog Rescue thanks Nancy for her faithfulness and kindness to Harley. We could use more folks like this in our world!


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