Beauty, well, is in the eyes, it seems!

Sweet Cher, the female near-look-a-like to Sunny, the spaniel mix male, has a condition known as ‘cherry eye‘. This is a malfunction of the third eyelid in some dogs that is easily corrected surgically. Cher hit the jackpot this week when a generous dog-lover offered to donate the money to ensure her surgery can be done SOONER rather than later.

Cher, fostered by Julie C, came from the MAS where she’d been picked up as a stray. She had a severe flea allergy that resulted in hair loss and sores on the lower half of her body. Foster Mom Julie reports that NEVER in many years of rescue she has done has she seen such a saturation of ‘flea dirt’ on a small dog. Prompt applications of Capstar and Frontline plus killed all the fleas and ticks that were chewing on this dear little girl. But, the newly spayed Cher had to wait until her surgical wound healed before she could be bathed.

With her spay stitches removed after the proper healing time, Cher was given a luxury spa bath this past weekend and clearly feels much better. Her hot spots have healed quite a bit due to the post-rescue regimen of benadryl and antibiotics. NOW we just wait for her lovely blond and white silky soft fur to grow back in as we work on our inside potty manners.

Cher is a sweet, gentle, sticks close to your side small dog that would love YOU to be her forever human. Cher will snuggle close to you and talk in low soft sounds to let you know she loves being held and touched. She does not bark at all (so far!) and gets along well with all the foster dogs and cats at HeartsHaven. She is on the website and will be at the upcoming adoption event this weekend.

Check Cher out and come meet this pretty little girl.


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