Erica, Jon, and Savannah … loving each other … a perfect fit!

Erica sent us this great update accompanied by lots of pics of little Savannah, who she and Jon adopted from Good Dog Rescue a little while back. What a great looking family! Erica and Jon, the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue look forward to seeing more pics of Tipper, er, Savannah, as she grows along with you and your family!

My husband and I moved into our house June 1st and one of the first things we wanted to do was adopt a dog. I started looking at for small dogs. I found a few great ones but we didn’t think they were the perfect fit.

One day I saw Savannah’s little face, her name at the time was “Tipper”. I immediately got in contact with Lisa who put me in contact with Robin. We were able to see Savannah right away and fell in love with her as soon as we laid eyes on her.

The first week went well, however I was kind of nervous because she seemed scared around my husband. She would run when he walked by her and wouldn’t let him pet her. I was rather worried. I read online that he should be the one to feed her and give her treats. So he was the “food man” and that seemed to help. It was about a week later and they spent the afternoon together. All of a sudden they were big buds and she wasn’t afraid of him anymore.

We have had her a month now and we can’t believe she’s the same dog. She has completely come out of her shell. When we first got her we would describe her as “laid back”. We would now add “frisky”.

We love everything about her. She is the sweetest dog, she allows you to love on her, she likes to play, she likes to tackle Jon, she’s a good guard dog, she loves other dogs, she’s great with children, she’s a good car rider, she’s very smart, she listens well, she loves her new dog door, and she loves to dig.

Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. She is taking dog obedience and doing wonderful!

She loves Jon and Jon adores her! As for me, she’s my little baby. We could not have found a more perfect dog for us.


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