Great folks visiting Memphis Petco!

We were back at it again today at the Memphis Petco on Poplar Avenue near Highland. Lots of great people dropped by; some to pet our dogs and puppies, some to take a foster dog home with them, and some to adopt. The 3 hours we were there went very fast!

First our adoptions. Carly, who was one of our dog models photographed by Renee Scott of Woofography, finally found her forever home. We were so happy to see her go to such a wonderful couple. She will have many long years of much love in her new home. Then Donnie, who was one of our more recent additions, was adopted by this great young woman who just knew he was a perfect fit when she saw him. Donnie just snuggled up to her and realized he was beginning the next chapter in his great life.

We also had 3 dogs who desperately needed foster homes find their temporary spot with families today. Mushroom, Lori, and Lovey (who was so new we had no photos) went off with fosters. We are in desperate need of foster homes. Our ability to save dogs and puppies from death at high kill shelters is limited by the number of foster homes in which we can place them. If you think you could foster a puppy or dog in your home, click on our You Can Help By Fostering tab at the top of the page and check out our current list of animals who are in need of a foster home.

We also had a happy “I failed fostering” event today. Cheryl, one of our Good Dog Rescue volunteers who had been fostering Drake since we rescued him, decided (along with her family) that she just couldn’t part with him. So we’ll count Drake as adopted … and count Cheryl among the several Good Dog Rescue volunteers that have failed “Fostering 101.”

Next week we’re at the Bartlett Petco store on 6015 Stage Road on Saturday, September 6, from 1-4pm. Come join us … if you’re looking to adopt, if you’re thinking you could help by fostering, or if you just want to pet some great dogs and puppies. We’d love to chat with you.

Petco on Poplar Adoption Day Saturday

Well, there were great good dogs and lots of nice people who came in to visit.  Many applications and three adoptions.

Tupelo found a young man who was looking for a companion to go running with and was glad to go to his new forever home.  One of the puppies, Shirley Temple, found a great home with a neat family. Ozzie found a great couple to play and have fun in a new home too.  Then during the week we had an additional adoption and they dropped by to say hello and so we wanted to include a happy mom and Lil Bit, her new little friend.

Then there were other faces that appeared at our adoption event, including Black Beauty, Collin, Donnie, Roscoe, Drake, Buster, Mushroom, and Lilly Mae). See if there is one of these or our other great dogs and puppies you’d like to adopt and take home. Come visit us on Sunday, August 31st from 1-4 at this very same location!

Happy Gotcha Day to Anna!

Anna's Gotcha Day Dog and Cat from Paint a Piece


Anna is a great young girl who shows up without fail to help us at our adoption events. The adopted daughter of one of our volunteers, Anna and her mom celebrate a “Gotcha Day” each year on the day that she was adopted.

Well, that day this year just happened to be yesterday when we were having one of our Good Dog Rescue adoption events. Anna, ever the dog loving girl, gave a good part of her day to volunteering at the event.

She played with the puppies, helped manage the dogs, and helped keep many of we “older” volunteers on track!

After our event was over, Anna and mom, Julie, went to Paint a Piece, where Anna selected a puppy and a kitty pottery piece to paint. What else would we expect??? Here are some of the fun photos from the day.

Good Dog Rescue thanks Anna, and mom Julie, for their dedication to Good Dog Rescue and all our great dogs and puppies. They are at all our events and they always have one (or two or three) foster dogs or puppies in their home. A big WOOF to Anna and mom!

Hollywood Feed is a great place to be!

Angel and her new Mom

Angel and her new Mom

Our volunteers, dogs, and puppies greatly enjoyed our Saturday, August 23rd adoption event at the Hollywood Feed on Stage Road near Summer Avenue in Memphis. We had several folks drop by for a bit to talk with us about our dogs and puppies. One person is meeting up with a potential adoptee this morning – we hope that meeting goes well and that Lil Bit (a new Chihuahua) goes to her forever home.

We had a neat young lady from Arkansas visit us to meet Angel, one of our newest dogs. Angel is a 6 yo American Eskimo dog who we rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter. We had her groomed (and her lovely coat shaved) because her coat was in such bad shape when we got her. We are all anxious to see a picture of her as that coat fills back in and as she thrives in her new home!

Make sure to look at some of the pictures from our photo gallery posted below. While we didn’t have a lot of adoptions (there were a LOT of things going on in the city the same day), we did have fun with our dogs and puppies and our volunteers. Come out and visit with us sometime! All our upcoming events are listed on our website.

Busy dog and puppy day at adoption

Live blogging from our event this morning at the Hollywood Feed Store on Stage Road near Summer Avenue in Memphis!

Lots of volunteers (thanks to all) and many great dogs and puppies.

We hope a LOT get adopted.

Join us at Hollywood Feed Store in Bartlett on Saturday Aug 23

On Saturday, August 23rd from 10am to 1pm, Good Dog Rescue volunteers are coming with a pack of dogs and puppies to the Hollywod Feed Store located at 6765 Stage Road in Memphis, TN. We’d love for you to come and visit with us and our great dogs and puppies – whether you’re just thinking about adopting, whether you’ve decided the time is right to adopt, or whether you’re just looking for some great petting opportunities!

Black Beauty will be with us and she is absolutely ready for her forever home. Lisa noticed her in one of the stray cages at Memphis Animal Shelter. Black Beauty was starved for human attention after being so lonely at the shelter.

She was someone’s wonderful pet, as she is perfectly housetrained, loves to walk on leash, and will give hugs on command! She has a soft, silky, longer black coat that just shines and shimmers as she walks.

Black Beauty is ok with cats and adores people. She is sweet, gentle and affectionate. While she does well with dogs and puppies on neutral ground, such as adoption events, she doesn’t take to having another dog in her “home.”

But if you are someone who has no other dogs and are looking for the perfect companion – one to curl up at your feet and sleep while you’re on the computer or one who’ll walk with you for that bit of exercise every day – Black Beauty may be the perfect dog for you. Come by on Saturday and see how affectionate she is!

Petco Poplar Adoption Sunday!

Well, here we go again…yep and another great day! Six more adoptions and/or fosters today. Lots of different dogs were able to come today and show themselves off. Great volunteers and wonderful people of Memphis and the surrounding communities coming in to see our “Good Dogs”.

Chipper got to go home with a family to foster in hopes to adopt. Romeo went home with his forever family to play with the kids. Maggie was adopted by a great couple (no pic – sorry). Harper went to her forever home, following in the footsteps of Scout who was adopted yesterday. Truffle went to a home visit and it was successful, so she didn’t return. Ladybug was adopted right at the start of our event.

Some other dogs that were at the adoption event that are still available to adopt. Trixie, Tater Tot, Carly, Skeeter, Shasta, Carson, Ozzy, Patch, Streudel, Turk, and Peppi. If you’re ready to adopt a forever friend, join us at next week’s adoption event – Hollywood Feed @ 6765 Stage Road in Memphis, TN (just southwest of the intersection of Stage Road and Summer Avenue – see map).