Hollywood Bartlett Saturday We Adopted 3!!

On such a HOT “Dog Day of Summer” the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue gathered again at Hollywood Bartlett for Adoption Day! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that came in to help and all the visitors that came to look for that forever friend. We did have 3 great adoptions. One little dog, about 13 years old, normally would have been a difficult adoption due to age was one of the easiest. A kind lady came in with a Maltese and went home with two Maltese. Thank you so much for opening your heart to this senior friend.

Blossom left her mother to a wonderful family that was looking for a great fun dog. Blossom and mom said their goodbyes and off the “big baby” went home to a new fun home

Then Grendel who has had to be boarded this week due to to many dogs in foster homes, she was a large dog that needed a good heart to get love and affection. She found that with a young couple that came to see her just before we were getting ready to leave. God bless you for opening your home to this beautiful happy furry friend.


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  1. thanks for doing all you do for the doggies, we sure do love them! such a cute blog! it’s so nice to see the happy stories of pups going to good homes.

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