Happy Gotcha Day to Anna!

Anna's Gotcha Day Dog and Cat from Paint a Piece


Anna is a great young girl who shows up without fail to help us at our adoption events. The adopted daughter of one of our volunteers, Anna and her mom celebrate a “Gotcha Day” each year on the day that she was adopted.

Well, that day this year just happened to be yesterday when we were having one of our Good Dog Rescue adoption events. Anna, ever the dog loving girl, gave a good part of her day to volunteering at the event.

She played with the puppies, helped manage the dogs, and helped keep many of we “older” volunteers on track!

After our event was over, Anna and mom, Julie, went to Paint a Piece, where Anna selected a puppy and a kitty pottery piece to paint. What else would we expect??? Here are some of the fun photos from the day.

Good Dog Rescue thanks Anna, and mom Julie, for their dedication to Good Dog Rescue and all our great dogs and puppies. They are at all our events and they always have one (or two or three) foster dogs or puppies in their home. A big WOOF to Anna and mom!


One Response

  1. Anna and Julie are GREAT GOOD DOG volunteers. They keep us laughing and Anna keeps us in line when the chaos rattle our brains!

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