Hollywood Feed is a great place to be!

Angel and her new Mom

Angel and her new Mom

Our volunteers, dogs, and puppies greatly enjoyed our Saturday, August 23rd adoption event at the Hollywood Feed on Stage Road near Summer Avenue in Memphis. We had several folks drop by for a bit to talk with us about our dogs and puppies. One person is meeting up with a potential adoptee this morning – we hope that meeting goes well and that Lil Bit (a new Chihuahua) goes to her forever home.

We had a neat young lady from Arkansas visit us to meet Angel, one of our newest dogs. Angel is a 6 yo American Eskimo dog who we rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter. We had her groomed (and her lovely coat shaved) because her coat was in such bad shape when we got her. We are all anxious to see a picture of her as that coat fills back in and as she thrives in her new home!

Make sure to look at some of the pictures from our photo gallery posted below. While we didn’t have a lot of adoptions (there were a LOT of things going on in the city the same day), we did have fun with our dogs and puppies and our volunteers. Come out and visit with us sometime! All our upcoming events are listed on our website.


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