Great folks visiting Memphis Petco!

We were back at it again today at the Memphis Petco on Poplar Avenue near Highland. Lots of great people dropped by; some to pet our dogs and puppies, some to take a foster dog home with them, and some to adopt. The 3 hours we were there went very fast!

First our adoptions. Carly, who was one of our dog models photographed by Renee Scott of Woofography, finally found her forever home. We were so happy to see her go to such a wonderful couple. She will have many long years of much love in her new home. Then Donnie, who was one of our more recent additions, was adopted by this great young woman who just knew he was a perfect fit when she saw him. Donnie just snuggled up to her and realized he was beginning the next chapter in his great life.

We also had 3 dogs who desperately needed foster homes find their temporary spot with families today. Mushroom, Lori, and Lovey (who was so new we had no photos) went off with fosters. We are in desperate need of foster homes. Our ability to save dogs and puppies from death at high kill shelters is limited by the number of foster homes in which we can place them. If you think you could foster a puppy or dog in your home, click on our You Can Help By Fostering tab at the top of the page and check out our current list of animals who are in need of a foster home.

We also had a happy “I failed fostering” event today. Cheryl, one of our Good Dog Rescue volunteers who had been fostering Drake since we rescued him, decided (along with her family) that she just couldn’t part with him. So we’ll count Drake as adopted … and count Cheryl among the several Good Dog Rescue volunteers that have failed “Fostering 101.”

Next week we’re at the Bartlett Petco store on 6015 Stage Road on Saturday, September 6, from 1-4pm. Come join us … if you’re looking to adopt, if you’re thinking you could help by fostering, or if you just want to pet some great dogs and puppies. We’d love to chat with you.


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