Wall-E has his forever home!



Scott and Kelly Szczepanski and their 7 year old triplets felt like they’d hit the jackpot when their web surfing led them to Good Dog Rescue’s web site and Wall-E’s picture and biography.  Daddy Scott caught up with me, Julie, Wall-E’s rescuer (see more later) and foster mom as she was leaving Memphis for the long weekend.  I could hear the disappointment in his voice, but he readily agreed to wait until I returned, understanding I was a couple of hundred miles away.

True to his word, Scott called me almost the minute I got back into Shelby county!  We set up an in-home ‘meet and greet’ (doubling as the requisite site visit) for Wednesday, September 3rd after work.  I could tell he was excited.  Lisa had already sent me the application and everything had checked out.



The Szczepanski’s have 10-year old (but acts like a 3 year old) Brinkley, the mini black and tan doxie who is incredibly spoiled and well taken care of medically (she has the typical DOXIE BACK!).  Honestly, on arriving at the Szczepanski home, I couldn’t tell who was more excited to meet Wall-E–Scott or Brinkley.  But it was soon apparent that despite the week delay in meeting “HIS” dog, Scott was smitten with Wall-E.  It should be noted that Wall-E promptly spied Scott and leapt over one of the three girls to settle in next to Scott for a belly rub.  Scott works from home, so Wall-E will have lots of good quality time with both Kelly and Scott!  Plus he gets kid-time, too.

I went out to scout the fence line, as is par for the site visit, followed closely behind by Brinkley and Wall-E.  WOW…what a nice big back yard complete with grass (my yard is so shady it is mulched to cover the bare ground).  Wall-E promptly did his business (like a good boy outside!) and ran around busily nosing the new space.

The best news of all is that Wall-E, in addition to nuzzling up to his new dad, totally fell in love with the triplets (who don’t always live in) and started playing with Brinkley, his new BGF (best girl friend).  And mom, Kelly, who is actually Brinkley’s long-time mom, just took everything in stride, taking the most pleasure in seeing how happy her whole family was.

I apologize for not having any pix, but the Szczepanski’s have promised to bring Wall-E to the next adoption event at the Poplar Petco so we can get the “official” family portrait for our website.

To provide a bit of background, Wall-E was found tied out at a rural tomato stand in West Tennessee while Julie was visiting relatives.  When the tomato vendors asked if she wanted a ‘jack terrier’, you know the rest of the story.  Wall-E was given his name by Anne, Julie’s sister.  He was flea and tick infested and it turns out he was heartworm positive.  Dr. McCutcheon performed his heartworm treatment.  Wall-E very quickly decided that air conditioning, no tether, and treats were new favorite experiences.  During his entire recuperation, Wall-E would go outside to do his business and promptly return to the door to come inside.  Please visit our adoptable dog list to see Wall-E’s bio and pics along with all our other adoptable GOOD DOGS!


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