Trixie wiggles her way into the Hamptons’ hearts

Trixie, the Boston Terrier/Beagle mix, who arrived into GDR foster care with terribly infected ears, has found her forever home with Leo and Brenda Hampton of Rosemark.  Trixie really has hit the jackpot because Brenda is a stay at home mom and Leo is retired MPD!  Now she can enjoy full-time attention and loving.

Brenda and Leo came to GDR’s Bartlett Petco adoption event, on Saturday, September 6th.  Immediately, they were drawn to Trixie because of her beautiful face and soulful expression.  The fact that she wagged herself silly to greet them was the clincher. 

The Hamptons went home to think over their decision and called foster mom Julie on Sunday with a heartfelt, YES WE WANT HER!  What a terrific new beginning for an extra special GOOD DOG! Here is the link to Trixie’s bio:


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