Adopted Fanny Brice Spreads her Wings in her new Home

Once named Fanny Brice, Good Dog Rescue’s adopted Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie has had a name change: Pigeon. She is certainly spreading her wings and flying. Here’s an update she recently sent to her foster mom:

Dear Julie,

What a weekend I had! Went to my other new house in MS. I just acted like I had been there before. There was a BIG German Shepherd there and we got along just fine. We even went for a walk together with my mom. Then can you believe, I went to Enid Lake, tried to catch the waves, and barked like crazy at the boat markers, after I rolled in the sand – It was warm on Sunday.

We all got home on Monday, and they told me I was very good on the long ride down and back. They give me chewies and I hide them all over the house. In the house I run like crazy in circles so fast that they can hardly catch me, it is really fun. I am so tired at night that I sleep soundly until morning.

Thank you so much for saving me. I will never forget you.

Love, Pigeon

Fanny Brice, now Pigeon, in her Halloween Witch costume

Fanny Brice, now Pigeon, in her Halloween Witch costume

Sounds like Pigeon is in a fabulous new home; one that provides her with a variety of activites and socialization opportunities. This is everything that our rescue organization could hope for.

Pigeon got dressed up for Halloween and her people sent us a snapshot of her witch costume. What a CUTE outfit. Just fits her perfectly!

Good Dog Rescue, and especially Pigeon’s foster mom, send Pigeon and her new family wishes for a happy and long life, filled with lots of visits to the lake, fun car rides, and tasty chewies!

Baking at The Beauty Shop takes a Bow (Wow!)

The Beauty Shop

The Beauty Shop

Learn to bake Canine Christmas Cookies with The Beauty Shop’s Karen Carrier and Dr. Kathy Mitchener. Karen will demonstrate recipes designed to help you share the spirit of the Holidays with your precious pup. Dr. Kathy will be on hand to share holistic holiday tips on good nutrition, acupuncture, and other pain management therapies for dogs.

The event is Sunday, November 23rd, from 2:00PM to 4:00PM, at The Beauty Shop, 966 South Cooper. View Map.

Good dogs can enjoy a special al fresco menu, but be sure to bring along a friend to hold the leash while you step inside The Beauty Shop for the holiday baking classes: there will be two of them, at 2:15PM and 3:15 PM.

Santa will be on the patio to pose for pictures with your best friend, and accept donations to help bring some Christmas Cheer to their less fortunate brethren at Good Dog Rescue.

P.S. Cat lovers welcome, too.

For more information call Pins & Needles, Angel Care’s Acupuncture Center for Animals: 385-9172 , or The Beauty Shop: 272-7111.

Howl-o-ween Costume Contest!

Master Design Hair Salon and Wags & Whiskers co-hosted a “Howl-o-ween” Costume Contest on Sunday to benefit Good Dog Rescue…and what a great time we all had.  Lots of great costumes and dogs.  Several adoptions and donations…make for a successful event.  We had 4 dogs adopted into great families.  Here are some pictures from the event.  Thank you Master Design Hair Salon and Wags & Whiskers for all your efforts to make today a success!

Make sure to have a look at our videos from the event – see links in left-hand column or go directly to YouTube versions: Introductions of Good Dog Rescue’s dogs and puppies along with some Award winners of the Halloween Costume Contest.

Happy “Howl”oween at Petco

Fun day at Petco at Highland and Poplar today!

One family came along and adopted Luna, our young Papillon, Pomeranian mix. She was a happy dog to go home with her new forever family.

All the dogs were dressed up in their costumes…some had many faces.  And Elvis is now in the building…oh no…it’s just Roscoe in several costumes. You can see a brief video of Roscoe having fun and in costume by clicking on his video at the left (or go to YouTube). After having been in costume as Elvis, a hot dog, a pumpkin, and a horse with a cowboy astride him, we’re lucky Roscoe didn’t call the ASPCA on the lot of us!

Here are some of our other good dogs in their cute costumes.  Come see us at a future adoption event and adopt a new friend!

Just a reminder, on Sunday, October 26 we’re at Master Design Hair Salon’s parking lot at 5149 Wheelis Drive from 3-5 for a Halloween Costume Contest with music, refreshments, and prizes … all benefiting the work of Good Dog Rescue. Please come out and join us. See the flyer here (and find a link to a map there too)!

A Birthday Thanks from Moose in NH

Oscar in his early days

Oscar in his early days

It’s been about 2 yrs ago that Oscar came into Good Dog Rescue’s crew as a rescue from the Memphis Animal Shelter. A Standard Poodle, Wheaten Terrier Mix, Oscar came to us a bit underweight. He brightened up immediately upon entering his foster home, where he played well with others, ate all offered to him, and enjoyed life.

Gary and Joan Lee, from New Hampshire, spied Oscar on our list of adoptable dogs and puppies on Petfinder. They found him adorable from a distance and sought to adopt him.

GDR founder and leader, Lisa Trenthem, was torn. New Hampshire was so very far away. But this was a young couple who obviously had been very conscientious in making a decision about adopting a dog. And they had a cabin on a lake in New Hampshire along with one other dog. So this could be a very good thing for Oscar.

Well, long story short, Oscar went to live in New Hampshire, where he was renamed Moose by his adopted family. We received his yearly birthday photo with this message from Gary and Joan:

Joan & I wanted you to know that its Moose’s birthday and I don’t think he or we could be happier up here in NH!

Looking at this picture, we think you’ll agree that Oscar, er, Moose, is one VERY HAPPY and LUCKY dog! Thanks, Gary and Joan, for giving this deserving dog a happy forever home!

Moose and Gary having fun on the waterfront

Moose and Gary having fun on the waterfront

Blackie is my name and cruising is my game!

Okay, get the keys, open the door–it’s time to hit the road!  My name is Blackie.  I am a SMALL celebrity of sorts – I have my very own webpage:  Let’s see, where to start..oh, I know…once upon a time I lived in Middle Tennesse, in Murfreesboro with my very own family.  But something happened and they surrendered me to the animal shelter.  I didn’t like it there and got in a bad mood and snapped and barked at the staff.  They said I was not adoptable–silly people.  But my foster mom saw my irresistible brown eyes and came to save me.  It was great…as quick as a flash, I was LIBERATED again and IN the Tahoe, off on a new excellent adventure, headed to Memphis.  I hear the BBQ here is terrific.  I LOVE a road trip.  (You have no idea how I love a road trip)

When I first got to Memphis, I was a little overweight, but I am on a nice, tasty low calorie diet and am a svelte 14 lbs. now.  Where is that BBQ???

My best home will be a quiet one with older folks who will let me hang in their laps, get lots of loving, and who will make sure I get to go on EVERY ERRAND possible to get my fix for the open road.

I don’t like strangers, so I am an excellent watch dog and I don’t like children…well, I find them tasty to snack on…but I don’t like to hang out with them.  I am a TYPICAL chihuahua–I like what I like a whole lot and what I don’t like, well, who needs to clutter their lives with stuff they don’t enjoy?

If you love Chihuahuas who love the feel of the wind in their face, then I am the GIRL FOR YOU!

A jewel of a dog – Opal

It’s October, the skies are a beautiful blue, and I am enjoying a calm lifestyle here in my foster home as I recuperate from heartworm treatment.  I only had a mild case and my foster mom and siblings are taking great care of me.  My name is Opal (October’s beautiful birthstone) and here’s my very own webpage:

I am a spaniel mix with soft blond hair.  My favorite thing to do is hang with my foster mom, supervising whatever task she is doing.  I also love to eat.  I didn’t get enough to eat at the last place I lived and the food is tasty and plentiful here.  I do NOT like to share my food at all, but my foster mom lets me eat all by myself so I don’t have to!

I love kids…and when I am well (after November 6th), I will be able to run and play with them.

If you need a loving, calm, pretty girl to love you, I am available and willing to do the job.  Just complete an application on-line to start to the process.  Before you know it, I will be in front of the fireplace, sharing the love your family has to give.