Aries goes to an Aussie’s paradise!



Aries was our great Australian Shepherd dog who had been with us since April. We would sometimes shake our heads in amazement that no one had yet adopted our little mini-Aussie, as he was such a great guy.

But, (some) things seem to happen for a reason. In Aries’ case, the reason was that he hadn’t yet been seen online by Bonnie from Wisconsin.

You see, Bonnie lives on a ranch in Wisconsin. She has 3 dogs, numerous cats, several horses, and another human living on the ranch. In the past she had an Aussie/feist and when she saw Aries on Petfinder while doing a breed search with Australian Shepherds, she fell in love with his nature and size. She knew she could love Aries and that he would grow to love her and the others on her ranch as well.

Aries and Bonnie

Aries and Bonnie

Today, Good Dog Rescue founder, Lisa Trenthem, drove half-way to Nashville to meet Bonnie and introduce her to Aries. Bonnie was competing in the National Barrel Races in Murfreesboro and had driven from her home in Wisconsin with her horse and two dogs.

It was love at first site – a match made in heaven – a very happy time! Aries is headed to an Aussie’s paradise on Bonnie’s farm. What a happy guy he’ll be!

Thanks, Bonnie, for giving Aries the promise of a great home. We hope you’ll send us pictures so we can keep up with his activities!


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