Scamp–now Murray–finds HOLY ground!



Leslie Etheredge, an ordained chaplain for LeBonheur, is the happy new mom of Scamp, the mini Schnauzer recently rescued from a local high kill shelter by Good Dog Rescue.

Leslie trained in Memphis and had been in East Tennessee in her Chaplaincy program before returning ‘home’ to her faith community and a new job.  She lives in Midtown and longed to add a daily walk with her very own dog to her routine.

It was LOVE at first sight for both Scamp and Leslie and her roommate, Twanda.  In fact, Twanda got extra bonding time with Scamp because her job started about a week later.  LUCKY dawg!

Thank you, Leslie and Twanda, for choosing a GOOD DOG!

Collin – he just needed something to call his very own

Brittany Spaniel Picture

Collin is a spaniel mix with a docked tail who looks up at you like a freckle-faced little boy. Upon arrival at his foster home, fresh from the boarding kennel, Collin put on a ‘tough guy’ act that his foster mom saw through right away.

Collin responded to his bad behaviors (snarling and growling) when being corrected. Then, he started getting some serious one-on-one attention from his foster mom. She fixed him special food that he got to eat all alone in the kitchen—no one to bother him while he ate. He got a toy that only he got to play with (great fun for a busy boy!). Best of all, Collin started getting some serious lap time from his foster mom. After three days of this ‘spa’ treatment, Collin settled in and has become one of the best dogs in the home.

He seriously LOVES the squirrels who abound in the trees in his foster home’s yard. In fact, his foster mom about had a heart attack when she saw him chasing after a squirrel overhead and almost run up to the top of the 6 foot privacy fence. Collin had NO INTEREST in escaping—he was all about GETTING THAT TREE RAT!

Collin is a lanky 25 lbs. with a docked tail. He will be extremely devoted to an owner who will ensure he has the basic stuff any GOOD DOG needs—good food, safe environment, good toys, and time with his owners.

Lilli Mae – special Terrier mix with special diet needs seeks a SPECIAL home that deserves her happy loving presence.

Rat Terrier Picture

Lilli Mae was just four months old when her foster mom spied her in a local high kill shelter. ALL ears then (and still pretty much that way now!), Julie begged Director Lisa to pull this sweet happy girl. The best description for Lilli Mae is that she is a golden retriever trapped inside a tiny terrier body. She is the happiest pooch on the place—and two other goldens live there, so that’s pretty darn happy!

But once Lilli Mae arrived at her foster home, she started breaking out in bumps (like acne) all over her tummy. While the spots looked awful, they never caused this cheery little puppy one moment’s discomfort. It was amazing to her foster mom that nothing seemed to faze this fearless girl.

A trip to the vet determined that Lilli Mae simply has a food allergy that she should grow out of by the time she reaches adulthood. The vet’s own dog (a beagle) had had the same problem which was resolved by feeding a special Duck and Potato dog food.

Lilli Mae has responded very well to her new diet and to weekly special baths. She is a great eater and has grown to 20 lbs. Lilli Mae never meets a stranger and plays happily with all the dogs and cats in her foster home. She is eager to please and smarter than most kids.

Her forever home will have to commit to keep her on her special diet (strict obedience) until she outgrows the allergy. The food is readily available at Petco (Natural Balance) or at the vet as a prescription diet (Royal Canine).

Ruby Slippers – beauty and brains!

Beagle Picture

A Harrier-Beagle mix, Ruby Slippers weighs about 36 pounds and stands about 20 inches tall. She is just over a year old. Ruby is fully house trained, has been trained to an invisible fence, and loves teenagers! She has been through basic obedience classes and walks easily on lead.

Originally rescued from a local high kill shelter as a young pup, Ruby was adopted by a family and everything seemed to be working smoothly. But, as she grew into adolescence, Ruby found the stimulating behavior of a houseful of 8 year old boys was more than she could manage. Her response was to try to assert her dominance over the boisterous kids by nipping and herding them. This behavior was incompatible with the family’s lifestyle, so Ruby Slippers was returned to Good Dog Rescue.

Ruby gets along with all other dogs and cats in her foster home. She LOVES to ‘hunt’ the squirrels that abound in the foster home’s yard. At night, Ruby sleeps in her foster mom’s room and doesn’t move a muscle all night long. A vigilant watch dog, Ruby will only sound an alert when she hears an unusual noise or movement.

She would make an excellent running companion for someone. She is energetic, but not hyperactive. Ruby does very well with children over 12. She is very intelligent and has the capacity to learn many commands. She is eager to please and incredibly loving.

If a loyal, short coated, low-shedding, house-trained companion is what you seek, look no further than this special girl.