Ruby Slippers – beauty and brains!

Beagle Picture

A Harrier-Beagle mix, Ruby Slippers weighs about 36 pounds and stands about 20 inches tall. She is just over a year old. Ruby is fully house trained, has been trained to an invisible fence, and loves teenagers! She has been through basic obedience classes and walks easily on lead.

Originally rescued from a local high kill shelter as a young pup, Ruby was adopted by a family and everything seemed to be working smoothly. But, as she grew into adolescence, Ruby found the stimulating behavior of a houseful of 8 year old boys was more than she could manage. Her response was to try to assert her dominance over the boisterous kids by nipping and herding them. This behavior was incompatible with the family’s lifestyle, so Ruby Slippers was returned to Good Dog Rescue.

Ruby gets along with all other dogs and cats in her foster home. She LOVES to ‘hunt’ the squirrels that abound in the foster home’s yard. At night, Ruby sleeps in her foster mom’s room and doesn’t move a muscle all night long. A vigilant watch dog, Ruby will only sound an alert when she hears an unusual noise or movement.

She would make an excellent running companion for someone. She is energetic, but not hyperactive. Ruby does very well with children over 12. She is very intelligent and has the capacity to learn many commands. She is eager to please and incredibly loving.

If a loyal, short coated, low-shedding, house-trained companion is what you seek, look no further than this special girl.


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