Jessie Wiggles is ready for her forever home!

Jessie Wiggles

Jessie Wiggles

Jessie Wiggles is our much too cute and friendly Corgi, Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie mix that had landed in the Memphis Animal Shelter as a stray. Good Dog Rescue founder, Lisa Trenthem, rescued her and found her a foster home where she could thrive for a bit.

You see, Jessie Wiggles was heartworm positive. Which meant that we needed to see her thru that treatment that, for some dogs, can be life-threatening. In addition to her heartworm issue, she had a very large abdominal hernia that needed repaired.

So, back in September, Jessie had a day of it! She had her hernia repaired in the morning, her heartworm treatment in the afternoon, an overnight stay at a great vet’s place, and then back to the foster home where she would need to stay as quiet and restrained as possible so that she didn’t suffer ill effects of her heartworm treatment.

Well, keeping this young dog quiet has been a challenge. See, when she came to us, her name was only Jessie. We quickly changed that to Jessie Wiggles … it’s a declarative statement and it fits her to a T for her name. She is a happy and loving young canine. Here you see her in her favorite place … the deck … making sure that we are safe from all of those darn dangerous chipmunks and squirrels.

Today concludes the one month post-treatment for Jessie. She has done extremely well with her heartworm treatment. You can’t even see where she had her hernia repair. The vet said she could stand to lose about 5 lbs – when you see her you’ll wonder that it doesn’t come off with all the wiggles!

See her YouTube debut by clicking on the VodPod video (“It Started with a Kong”) in the upper left-hand column of our blog. Or go directly to it by clicking here.

Jessie Wiggles will be with us during Sunday afternoon’s adoption event at the Memphis Jewish Community Center, 6560 Poplar Avenue.  View Map. Come visit us there!

Here are some additional pics of Jesse – we LOVE her camo shot!


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